Caipirinhas and Caipiroscas

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Delicious “drinks” made ​​from a mixture of natural fruit with “cachaça” or vodka that are more common among city residents. The caipirinha is one of the traditional drinks of the country, made ​​with sugar cane aguardente called cachaça. Is called the “caipirosca” is made the same as the caipirinha, but with vodka. Both are delicious and you can not leave the country without tasting them!


Primeiro Bar

This is the most frequented and lively bar currently, and is the meeting point of Brasilia offers a variety of drinks made ​​with fruit beers, delicious snacks, and caipiroscas famous caipirinhas. The bar is always full, so you need to arrive early to get table but worth it for the quality of their drinks and the animation environment.


1-     Try a Caipirosca/Caipirinha of Frutas Vermelhas or Purple Rain!

2- Wednesday has double-dose of Caipiroscas (You buy one and get two drinks)

3 – If you eat: you should order snacks “Confusão” that have different kinds of delicious snacks!


Opening hours: 18h to 01h

Where is: SIG Quadra 08 Lote 2385 – Sudoeste

Payment methods: Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa) and debit cards (Maestro, Visa Electron) and money.

Confusão Snacks – Primeiro Cozinha de Bar


Caipirosca of Frutas Vermelhas at Primeiro Cozinha de Bar

Caipirosca of Purple Rain at Primeiro Cozinha de Bar



Chiquita Bacana

The Chiquita Bacana is a Bar in the South Wing and has a large variety of caipiroscas, caipirinhas, snacks and decor that mimics the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro. It’s worth going there!


1 – Try the “Caipilés” – The caipirosca that comes with a popsicle flavor of the fruit drink!

2 – If you can not share photos of your celebration if the phone battery is low, do not worry! Each table has an entry for individual power to solve this problem!

Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 16h to 1h / Thursday and Friday from 16h to 2h / Saturday from 14pm to 2am and Sunday from 14pm to 1pm.

Where is: CLS 209 – Block “A” – Loja 37  – Asa Sul – Brasília / DF

Payment Methods: Credit cards and debit cards (Mastercard, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron) and money.


Chiquita Bacana Asa Sul –

Chiquita Bacana Asa Sul –


Chiquita Bacana Asa Sul –

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