Açaí: a natural delight

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The acai is a small fruit from the north and one of the traditional snacks of city residents. In Brasilia, the acai smoothie is served in a bowl with various side dishes, ice-cold like ice cream. The acai in the bowl is a delicious choice for natural ice cream preferred by fitness enthusiasts of the region. You cannot leave without trying! Brasilia has many places that offer the product but the most traditional are the cafeteria’s Sub in South Wing, the restaurant Mormaii Surf Bar in “Lago Sul”, and “Cilindro açaí” that delivery the iced delight to you, wherever you are.


Sub’s: The most traditional of Brasilia

The diner, in the “Asa Sul”, offers a variety of snacks, including the popular acai smoothie in a bowl. The acai berry has lots of side dishes such as tropical fruits, nuts, peanut candy, dietary supplements, condensed milk, etc. The establishment is the oldest and most traditional of the city that offers the product and became famous for it. The acai bowl of Sub’s costs around R$ 8.00

Adress: Cls 105 – Asa Sul, Brasília


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Lanchonete Sub's

Lanchonete Sub’s


Cylinder Acai: The icy delight delivered where you are

Better than cool off with an acai is to have it delivered to you wherever you are, in a practical package. The fruit comes in a plastic container, similar to the famous Brazilian “dindin”, and it is ready for consumption. There is also the option to mix it in the blender with other ingredients, several recipes are described in the product box! The cylinder delivery acai order. It’s great for tourists who have little time in town and want to prove the most consumed fruit in the capital. Each cylinder acai costs R$ 3.33.

Store: CLSW 104 – Bloco “B” – Store “loja” 67 – Subsolo – Sudoeste

Phone to delivery:  (+55) 61 – 3045-2616 / 8460-6619

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cilindroacai?fref=ts

Email: cilindroacai@hotmail.com


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Mormaii Surf Bar – Pontão

Mormaii is a store in Brazil already known for its surf clothing, but many years ago has expanded its space with its own restaurant called Mormaii Surf Bar. The Acai berry comes with a very similar thickness to the ice cream! At lakeside Paranoa, the restaurant resembles the nearly beachy climate of Brasilia. There are also served many other types of meals like Japanese food, salads and sandwiches natural. The acai Mormaii the Pontão costs around R$15.00.

 Adress: QL 10, Pontao Lago Sul – Lago Sul




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