Indaia Waterfall

4 Feb 2014 | No Comments on Indaia Waterfall

On weekends, residents of Brasilia seek routes farther away from the city to relax and enjoy nature, and cool with cold water in the waterfalls. The waterfall “Indaiá” is one of the most visited by Brasilia dwellers. The waterfall has about 98 feet tall, and comes from Salto do “Itiquira”, which has about 551 feet. Also rising is one of the largest brands of mineral water in the country. The delightful ride is situated 120 km from Brasilia, and has a small dirt road to the farm which houses the “Indaiá”. But the entire journey worth it, it is impossible not to feel refreshed after a waterfall bath.


1. The tour lasts approximately all day, it is interesting to bring something to eat.

2. Go with shoes that do not slip, access to the falls is through the damp earth and stones.

3. Carefully follow all safety instructions.

Where is: Leaving Brasilia by BR-020 heading for Formosa – Turn left at the GO-118 highway in the direction of San Gabriel (GO) – After 10km, turn right and first turn left – on plate Camping Club of Brazil (CCB).

Price: Entrance to the waterfall is R$ 15,00 / O access to the pools of the farm with lunch is R$ 50,00.

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