Brasilia’s Planetarium

20 Feb 2014 | No Comments on Brasilia’s Planetarium

The Brasília’s Planetarium was built in 1974. After many years deactivated, it has been reopened in 2013. The Planetarium has a modern structure, an excellent service and a high tech projector from Germany. The projector, called Power Dome VIII, was developed by the renowned German company Corl Zeiss and displays three-dimensional images. There are only three models in the world, the other two in Germany. It is worth knowing and watch one of the movies that the Planetary offers!


Adress: SRPN Trecho 1 – Eixo Monumental

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday (08hs to 20hs) / Weekends (13h to 17h)

Open sessions movies: Tuesday through Friday (11am, 16h, and 19h) / Weekends (14h, 15h15, 16h30)

Entry for visitors:  free / For movies: 1 kg of non-perishable food




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elevador com acessibilidade de cadeirantes / elevator with wheelchair accessibility

Elevador com acessibilidade para cadeirantes / Elevator with wheelchair accessibility

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