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It’s really cool biking along the cycle paths of Brasilia. The “Bike Brasilia” project offers 400 bicycles, which are available at 10 stations strategically located in the major sights of the capital. To use them, you must register on the site and pay the amount of R$ 10.00, valid for one year. Once registered, you must go to one of the stations and downloading the APP “Bike Brasilia” or call the telephone (+55 61 4003-9846) and inform which station you are (there is the a number on the plate), after that you choose a bike, a green light will come on and you can pick up the choosen bike. The tour lasts one hour. When you finish the ride, the bike can be parked in any other season!


01. Memorial JK

02. Praça Buriti

03. Centro de Convenções / Estádio Mané Garrincha

04. Torre de TV

05. Setor Hoteleiro Norte

06. Setor Hoteleiro Sul

07. Rodoviária

08. Catedral

09. Esplanada dos Ministérios (Station 01)

10. Esplanada dos Ministérios (Station 02)

11. Brasil 21

12. Setor Bancário Sul

13. Setor de Abastecimento Sul (SAS)

14. Setor Comercial Sul (02 Stations)

15. Setor de Rádio e TV Sul

16. Setor Comercial Norte (02 Stations)


Tip #1: The rides are up to 01 hours, 15 minutes minimum between them. If the time exceeds 01 hours, every hour more you pay the fee of R$ 5.00

Tip #2: There is the option of English language at +55 (61) 4003-9846

Tip #3: Follow the safety tips on the site

01 02 03 itau catedral


Para facilitar ainda mais o passeio

Para facilitar ainda mais o passeio!

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