Food Trucks

27 Feb 2015 | No Comments on Food Trucks

Brasilia offers the most unique dining experiences. For lovers of gourmet food, burgers, vegetarian and vegan options, pizzas, risottos, the Food Trucks arrived in the city with lots of food choices! The idea is to transform old trailers, vans and small trucks in places that offer delicious food at fair prices. In addition, where the food trucks are located at Brasilia becomes a party! Try to eat a little of each option, I hope you to be able!

How to be aware of the next meeting of Food Truck: Stay tuned to the Food Truck Facebook page: Food Truck Brasília.


Photo: Marina Villanova


Photo: Marina Villanova


Photo: Marina Villanova


Photo: Marina Villanova


Photo: Marina Villanova

Obrigado pelas fotos Marina Villanova, nós adoramos!


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