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Welcome to The Brasilia is a blog that presents a different city to who comes from out, the blog show Brasília as just the way the dwellers see. With its adorable blocks, planned architecture, nature and wide cultural diversity, the city is much more than the capital of the country and already has its own personality. Through the final paper of a Brazilian student of Mass Communication at the University of Brasilia, Claudia Costa, along with the great ideas of the advisor Dr. Liziane Guazina, professor at UNB, this project was born. The first step was to show all the qualities and peculiarities of our dear Brasilia, making your staying in Brasilia even more pleasant. Taking advantage increasing of the tourism in the region with the 2014 World Cup, where the capital will host seven games, our mission is to help mix the cultures and make Brasilia’s identity known all around the international environment.

The blog has been programmed by Lilian Costa, translated by Daniel Machado and a small part by Vinicius Leão

Welcome to Brasilia!


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“Eu, Estudante” – “Correio Braziliense”

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