The World Cup in Brasilia

The World Cup in the capital was a success! Brasília was one of the host cities of the championship of 2014 and received seven matches, including two of the Brazilian team. According to the Secretariat of Tourism of Distrito Federal, the number of foreigners that visited the National Stadium was the second highest among all stadiums in the country and the Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport conducted the largest amount of international flights. Also according to the Secretariat, the “Mané Garrincha” Stadium received 478 200 fans and the Fifa Fan Fest event received 351 000 of Brazilians and foreigners. Cool, right?

Besides all these data, the Welcome to Brasília went to the streets of the capital and met a few of the many tourists that the city received. We talked to people who came from England, Argentina, Canada, Brussel, Colombia and India. Everybody made positive comments about the city. Many foreign friends with whom we spoke praised the beauty of Brasilias architecture, the organization and how it was easier to find a Brasília’s dweller who speaks English. Another cool thing we heard was that the “brasilienses” are a friendly and helpful people, who always try to help. Thankfully the legend that “brasiliense is a cold people” is in the past, isn’t it?

We went to some bars and restaurants where tourists used to go more often, especially for this places near of the hotel area of the city, we helped them with some stuff and we made a lot of friends. We hope to have made a good impression at all. After all, you all are welcome to Brasilia!

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